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Lamps and Lighting  

We can produce replacement components or complete replacement lighting fixtures to your specifications. Lamp shades, hurricane chimneys, fitters, wall lamps, globes and inserts are all within our capability.


Replacement of glass portions of existing antique table lamp.

Replacement lampshades for lighting of the Waldhotel located in Davos, Switzerland. The original lamps were destroyed in a fire.

Small ribbed fitter lampshades made of gold ruby glass made for a mansion in Munich, Germany.

Replacement spherical lampshade made of crystal glass which has a satin finish, frosted texture to match the original fixture.


Replacement copy of a broken glass insert for a metal lamp. This is crystal glass with red powdered glass coloration which was blown into the fixture while still hot.

Glass wall lamp with satin finish fitted into original chrome plated mount.

Glass insert in opal glass for an empire style lamp. This was made for a castle in lower Saxony.

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